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What should I pay attention to when using a carbon monoxide alarm?

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What should I pay attention to when using a carbon monoxide alarm?

In the course of use, sometimes explosion-proof seals are damaged, loose, explosion-proof pipes are broken and other explosion-proof facilities are damaged and left unattended. So carbon monoxide alarms preheat and use before and after the need to pay attention to the relevant issues we all know? The following is a small introduction to everyone.

  • Preheating state

  • Self-test button

  • Alarm status

  • Fault status

  • The battery voltage is too low

  • Utility power interruption

  • Monitoring status

Preheating state

Connect the carbon monoxide alarm to the power supply (if you need to control the exhaust fan, you must first access the corresponding circuit as required), after the power is connected, the green power indicator, the yellow fault indicator, and the red alarm indicator light up for 1 second and then go out. The green power indicator is always on, and the red preheats indicator flashes once every 1 second, indicating that the detector is in a preheat state, the preheat lasts for 30 seconds, at this time, the detector has no detection function.

Self-test button

When there is no alarm, the self-test button is used to test whether the sound and light alarm function of the carbon monoxide alarm is normal and whether the sensor is normal. When the test button is pressed, if the red alarm light flashes and the buzzer is synchronized with the alarm light, the carbon monoxide alarm and sensor are working correctly. If the alarm is not working properly when the test button is pressed, please contact your supplier promptly for repair so that the alarm signal does not sound properly when danger occurs. Weekly testing is recommended.

Alarm status

When the concentration of the gas being tested in the air reaches the alarm setpoint, the carbon monoxide alarm will enter the alarm state with the red alarm light flashing and the buzzer sounding.

Fault status

If you find that the yellow fault light stays on and the buzzer beeps every 2 seconds, this indicates that the sensor of the carbon monoxide alarm is faulty and no longer has the function of detecting an alarm.

The battery voltage is too low

If the yellow fault indicator is found flashing once every 4 seconds and the buzzer beeps synchronously, it means that the battery voltage is too low and the user needs to replace the battery in time. If the sound is too loud, press the mute button, and the product will be muted for 10 hours, at which time the carbon monoxide alarm detects the leaking gas in the environment normally.

Utility power interruption

If you find that the green power indicator flashes once every 2 seconds, it means that the AC power is not connected or the AC power is interrupted, at this time, the carbon monoxide alarm can work normally.

Monitoring status

After the preheat is over, the red preheat indicator goes out, the green power indicator is always on and the carbon monoxide alarm enters the normal monitoring state.

The above is a small introduction to the use of carbon monoxide alarms related knowledge? Learn the knowledge of carbon monoxide alarms and do a good job of prevention to avoid bringing danger.

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