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  • How are carbon monoxide detectors classified?


    Carbon monoxide alarms are an important part of a home safety plan. In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSP) recommends that every home has at least one carbon monoxide alarm.Carbon monoxide is an invisible, colorless, odorless Read More
  • What are the advantages of carbon monoxide alarms?


    In recent years, carbon monoxide poisoning incidents caused by improper use of coal stoves or gas water heaters in households have occurred one after another in some areas of my country, causing loss of life and property for the people. Read More
  • What are the advantages of smoke detectors?


    Smoke detectors we can say are everywhere, in public areas such as shopping malls, hotels, and cinemas. It is indispensable in our life. Now the general family fire safety awareness is still relatively weak, there are also some community properties will be placed in the building hydrant Read More
  • What are the application areas of carbon monoxide detectors?


    Carbon monoxide poisoning is a toxic gas that kills a large number of people. Mild poisoning presents severe headache, dizziness, heartbeat, dazzling eyes, weakness of limbs, vomiting, irritability, and unstable gait. In case of severe poisoning Read More
  • What do I know about smoke detectors?


    What is a smoke detector? Is it filled with water? If you don't understand the basics of how smoke detectors work, let me give you a brief overview of the relevant points. Next, you may want to know more.Here is a list of contents. Read More
  • What precautions should be taken when using a carbon monoxide alarm?


    We all know that when the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air exceeds a certain standard will cause an explosion, so many families will choose to install a carbon monoxide alarm as a safety measure. So, what do we need to pay attention to in the process of using a carbon monoxide alarm? Read More
  • What should I pay attention to when using a carbon monoxide alarm?


    In the course of use, sometimes explosion-proof seals are damaged, loose, explosion-proof pipes are broken and other explosion-proof facilities are damaged and left unattended. So carbon monoxide alarms preheat and use before and after the need to pay attention to the relevant issues we all know? Read More
  • What to look for in a carbon monoxide detector for maintenance and cleaning


    In recent years, the frequency of poisoning accidents caused by carbon monoxide gas leaks has forced people to take greater precautions against this gas, and installing a carbon monoxide detector is a good option. Read More
  • Why and where to install smoke detectors


    Smoke detectors are not very well regarded in China, with less than 5% of homes in China having smoke detectors compared to around 95% of homes in the USA, making them a major hazard for home safety. Read More
  • Precautions and specifications for the use of carbon monoxide detectors


    A carbon monoxide detector is a device used to detect carbon monoxide. When the carbon monoxide in the air reaches a certain concentration, the gas alarm will alert people to ventilate and breathe to prevent CO poisoning. And to make the carbon monoxide detector work better, the following four point Read More
  • Maintenance of fire alarms


    The maintenance of fire alarms is very necessary. For the general public, it is easy to reduce their safety awareness after having safety detection equipment. Once the fire comes, they will be even more caught off guard. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the status of fire alarms.Here is Read More
  • Instructions for use of fire alarms


    Fire prevention is a problem that every family must pay attention to at all times. If simple fire prevention measures can be taken in advance according to the actual situation of your home, some tragedies can be avoided. Here's how to use fire alarms.Here is the content list:l Installation of fire a Read More
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