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Standalone Smoke Alarm LM-102A

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LM-102 Series Smoke alarm instructions

I、Appearance and dimension

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II、Technical parameters

1、working voltage: DC9V

2、current:               Quiescent current≤12uA

                                    Alarm current ≤ 20mA

3、alarm loudness:   ≥85dB/3m

4、normal condition: LED(red) flashes every 43S

5、alarm mode:          sound/light(constantly)

6、low battery test:    <7.35V make an alarm sound every 43 seconds

7、working temperature: -10℃~+40℃

8、ambient humidity: ≤95%RH(no condensation)


Take the product out of the box, turn the mounting plate anticlockwise and detach it.

Take the 9V battery out, remove the protective film, press the battery into battery terminal and put it back into the battery container.

Inset the hooks on the mounting plate into the installing groove, turn the shell clockwise to fasten.

Press the test button, the red LED flashes and an alarm sound is made at the same time. That means the detector is working properly.


1、The smoke alarm should be installed on the middle of the ceiling. Mount the unit at least 1 meter away from the wall or beam. There shouldn’t be any obstructions that block light or sound produced by the alarm. If the room has a pitched ceiling, the slope should be less than 45 degrees. One unit covers about 60 square meters. We suggest that smoke detector is mounted in every room.

2、Make sure the indicator light is in the direction that makes it convenient for you to observe. Then drill holes in the selected position of the ceiling. Push the plastic expansion anchor to its full depth in each hole.

3、Insert the screws through the mounting plate and screw them into the anchor tightly so that the mounting plate is fixed.

4、Connect the battery to the battery terminals according to Figure5. Turn the battery pin to the wall of the battery container and then press the whole battery into the container.

5、Insert the two hooks on the mounting plate into the installing groove. Turn the shell clockwise to fasten.

6、Press the test button for inspection. Make sure that you can hear the alarm sound, whichever room you are in.


V、Maintenance and use

1、It is recommend that the product should be tested weekly.

2、Press the test button for inspection. When in normal condition, the red LED flashes every 43 seconds.

3、When battery power is low, the product will make a “di” sound every 43 seconds, which means you need to replace the battery. When you want to replace the battery, you turn the detector anticlockwise and detach it from the mounting plate. Take the old battery out of the container and detach it from the battery terminal. Connect the new battery to the battery terminals according to Figure5, turn the battery pin to the wall of the battery container and then put the battery back into the container (Figure2). Inset the hooks on the mounting plate into the installing groove, turn clockwise to fasten.

Note:After replacing the battery or reinstalling the detector, you should press the test button to make sure the detector works properly.

4、battery model:Pairdeer 6F22 9V;

5、If the product can’t work properly, please try to analyze the fault and eliminate it according to the instructions. If you fail to eliminate the fault, please don’t disassemble the product by yourself. Seek professional service instead.

VI、Fault analysis and elimination

fault phenomenon

Reason analysis

Elimination method


Press the test button and there is no response

The battery is installed incorrectly.

Install the battery correctly and pay attention to battery polarity.

An alarm sound is made every 43 seconds.

Low battery

Replace the battery.

Pairdeer 6F22 9V


1、The product is not suitable to be installed in kitchen, bathroom or other places where it’s high-temperature and humid.

2、There shouldn’t be any obstructions that block the light or sound in front of the product.

3、If the battery is installed in reverse polarity, the product can’t work properly and it may be damaged.

VIII、Notes for discarding

Used battery and waste electric appliance cannot be discarded with general household garbage.

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