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What are the advantages of carbon monoxide alarms?

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In recent years, carbon monoxide poisoning incidents caused by improper use of coal stoves or gas water heaters in households have occurred one after another in some areas of my country, causing loss of life and property for the people. Governments at all levels attach great importance to the prevention and control of gas poisoning, but the means adopted are still "civil air defense" + "material defense", that is, distributing publicity materials, signing safety responsibility letters, and organizing inspections and rescues.

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of stand-alone carbon monoxide alarms supplements the traditional gas poisoning prevention and control methods, which is of great significance to improving public safety, and preventing and reducing the loss of poisoning accidents. Below you will find an overview of the benefits of carbon monoxide alarms.

  • Reasonable system architecture

  • Safe and reliable networking

  • Powerful terminal

  • Professional equipment system

Reasonable system architecture

The carbon monoxide alarm adopts the method of "multi-level alarm-multi-level rescue"; the method of "five-level alarm-four-level management" is to focus on prevention, timely and nearby rescue, effectively improving the early warning level of carbon monoxide poisoning, and improving the early warning management system and emergency rescue system, thereby reducing the loss of people's lives and property.

Safe and reliable networking

The carbon monoxide alarm adopts the 800M frequency band specially approved by the General Staff Wireless Management Committee, which is not subject to co-frequency interference. At the same time, it adopts proprietary encryption technology to ensure the security of network transmission; it adopts the industry-specific network, and there will be no public events at certain times such as large gatherings and holidays. When the network is blocked, the network transmission will not be dropped, ensuring the reliability of data transmission; millisecond-level responses ensure the timeliness of data transmission.

Powerful terminal

A carbon monoxide alarm adds a wireless communication module, black box, and emergency alarm button based on the traditional alarm.

The wireless communication module realizes the wireless online real-time monitoring of the carbon monoxide alarm. When there is no one at home, if a dangerous situation occurs, the alarm information can also be sent to the monitoring center through the data center, so that the dangerous situation can be dealt with in time.

Panic button that activates an alarm in the event of an emergency (not limited to carbon monoxide poisoning, but also other security events).

The black box that automatically records the alarm can record the alarm information continuously for 24 hours, which is convenient for later tracing.

Professional equipment system

The system is equipped with a professional call center with carbon monoxide alarms, which can provide all-weather police and rescue services; the call center is equipped with monitoring software, and 9 seats are manned 24 hours a day to receive alarms and process alarm information promptly.

The above are the advantages of carbon monoxide alarms introduced to you today. I hope you can understand the carbon monoxide alarms. Alarms are used in many places now, and carbon monoxide alarms are also used a lot. Many people think that the alarm is very expensive and do not want to buy it. This is not the case. Now the alarm is more and more common, and the price is getting lower and lower. Again, for our safety, let's buy it!

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