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Features of carbon monoxide alarms and installation

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Features of carbon monoxide alarms and installation

In our lives, you can often hear that carbon monoxide poisoning, is serious and life-threatening, so there is something called a carbon monoxide alarm, which is used to detect carbon monoxide gas and alarm, the following I will introduce you to the characteristics of carbon monoxide alarms, installation methods and installation considerations.

Below is a list of the contents.


·Installation method

·Installation precautions


1. Semiconductor type carbon monoxide alarm using semiconductor type carbon monoxide sensor as a sensitive element, requiring its sensitive element constant temperature at about 200 ℃ can respond quickly, so to its increased electric heating wire heating, so to provide a relatively large current, when the temperature, humidity, and even wind changes a lot on its accurate measurement is very unfavorable, prone to false alarms, but its low price.

2. The general service life of up to 5 years or more. Electrochemical carbon monoxide alarms use zero-power electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors as sensitive components, mostly using the electrochemical method of constant potential electrolysis principle, the cross-gas interference resistance is also very strong, and relatively expensive.

Installation method

1. After removing the carbon monoxide alarm, press the back of the pegboard with the palm of your hand and rotate the pegboard about 45 degrees in a counterclockwise direction to remove the pegboard.

2. Install the battery into the battery slot of the carbon monoxide alarm by the correct polarity.

3. Select a suitable mounting area; mark the ceiling or wall according to the screw holes in the wall plate.

4. Punch holes at the markings, and insert two plastic expansion tubes into the two holes already punched.

5. Align the holes in the pegboard and use a screwdriver to screw in the self-tapping screws clockwise to fix the pegboard in place.

6. The main body of the snap block and the snap block of the pegboard, according to the same size and direction corresponding to the installation of the carbon monoxide alarm, clockwise rotation of the main body, so that it snaps into place.

7. Gently press the test button to check whether the carbon monoxide alarm is normal.

Installation precautions

(1) The probe of the alarm is mainly in contact with the detection element of the combustion gas sensor, so care must be taken when installing the carbon monoxide alarm to avoid dropping the probe.

(2) Carbon monoxide alarms should generally be installed at a height of 160-170cm to allow maintenance personnel to carry out routine maintenance.

(3) Carbon monoxide alarms are safety instruments with an audible and visual display function and should be installed where staff can easily see and hear them to eliminate hidden dangers promptly.

(4) Carbon monoxide alarms should not be surrounded by strong electromagnetic fields (such as high-power motors, and transformers) that have an impact on the work of the instrument.

(5) The density of the gas to be measured is different and the installation position of the probe should be different. When the density of the measured gas is less than the density of air, the probe should be installed at 30cm from the roof with the direction downwards; conversely, the probe should be installed at 30cm from the ground with the direction upwards.

The above is the knowledge to be shared with you today. The carbon monoxide alarm is stable, reliable, accurate, and has a long service life. It can detect changes in the concentration of harmful gases at any time and alert you immediately when the standard value is exceeded, reminding you to take effective measures quickly.

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