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An introduction to carbon monoxide alarms

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An introduction to carbon monoxide alarms

Nowadays, people's safety awareness has increased and most people have carbon monoxide alarms installed in their homes to prevent safety accidents, so what is a carbon monoxide alarm? The following will give you specific information about carbon monoxide alarms.

This is a list of contents.

·Principle of operation


·Selection method


Working principle

The carbon monoxide alarm uses a carbon monoxide sensor to convert the concentration signal of carbon monoxide gas in the air into a weak current or voltage signal, which is then amplified at one or two levels and transmitted to the microcontroller for signal comparison and processing.


There are two types of carbon monoxide alarms for industrial and domestic use. Industrial carbon monoxide alarms are expensive and require a very high level of accuracy, with minimal temperature and zero-point drift, and often require explosion-proof housing for some special applications. Industrial carbon monoxide alarms must use electrochemical sensors. Domestic carbon monoxide alarms are mainly used in ordinary homes, small entertainment venues and small factories and small chemical laboratories, etc. They are relatively small in appearance and relatively inexpensive.

Selection method

Firstly, choose whether it is for industrial or domestic use according to your application. If you choose home use, then according to the requirements of the carbon monoxide alarm to choose electrochemical or semiconductor, it is generally recommended to choose the electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm. At the same time, it is recommended that you do not buy a gas alarm with many gaps on the surface, especially one with a large number of gaps of more than one millimeter because the large surface gaps make it easy for dust and small insects to enter the alarm. A large amount of dust or small insects will block the air inlet of the carbon monoxide sensor and affect the accuracy of the carbon monoxide alarm.


(1)Installing the alarm

Install the alarm near bedrooms and living areas or where you think carbon monoxide is likely to leak. It is recommended that it is installed on every floor of a multi-story building and that the location is chosen so that you can hear the chime from every sleeping area.

(2)Installation specifications

1. When the detection (probe) test point is located on the upwind side of the minimum frequency wind direction of the source of release, the distance between the carbon monoxide alarm detection probe and the source of release should not be greater than 2m.

2. When the detection (probe) test point is located in the release of the source of the minimum frequency of the wind direction of the downwind side, the distance between the carbon monoxide alarm detection probe and the source of release should be less than 1m.

3. The source of toxic gas release in a closed or semi-closed plant, carbon monoxide alarm detection probe from the source of release should not be greater than 1m.

The above is a small introduction to the carbon monoxide alarm-related knowledge. For the sake of the family and their owners must install the alarm, must do a good job of prevention, and learn a good knowledge of carbon monoxide alarm, to avoid poisoning, and bringing danger to the family and themselves.

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