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Why and where to install smoke detectors

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Why and where to install smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are not very well regarded in China, with less than 5% of homes in China having smoke detectors compared to around 95% of homes in the USA, making them a major hazard for home safety. When we go online every day, we probably see news about fires all the time, which are a threat to people's safety. If a smoke detector had been installed on some premises, many tragedies could have been avoided. That's why I recommend that every home should have a smoke detector! So where is the best place to install one in general? I will explain it to you.

  • Why

  • Installation location

  • Note


Family homes are a major safety hazard.

In many family homes, a variety of clutter is piled up, and many easy-to-start fire items are also placed at random. What's more, many people lack awareness of safety precautions, mosquito incense is lit near combustible materials; lighters are thrown around; hairdryers and curling irons are used without unplugging. This is a fire safety hazard.

Installation location

Bedroom and living room

It is recommended that smoke detectors are placed in living rooms and bedrooms, as they are two places where people are more mobile and where the significance of their alarms is greater. Smoke detectors should be installed in places that normally produce little or no smoke so that when a real fire comes, smoke comes in and it will alert you to take action.

In the kitchen

Professionals recommend that smoke detectors are installed 3 meters away from cooking cookware. Install smoke alarms within 4.5 meters of the sleeping area so that everyone can hear the alarm, even if the bedroom door is closed.


1. For single-story dwellings: Smoke detectors should be installed in the hallway, between the sleeping and living areas. It is best placed on the ceiling, at least 30 cm from walls or light fittings.

2. For large or multi-story dwellings: In addition to the single-story dwelling installation locations mentioned above, add the bottom of the stairs and where each flight of stairs joins. Also, consider purchasing interconnecting alarms so that smoke or heat detected on one floor can trigger an alarm for the whole house.


Smoke detectors will essentially be installed at the top of a room in a central position. If installed on the wall, in the event of a fire, the smoke spreads upwards and the ceiling senses it and can detect the smoke immediately, sounding an alarm and alerting people in the first instance to avoid an extended fire.


1. Smoke detectors should not be installed above objects that produce vapor-like substances, no matter which space they are in, otherwise, you will be waiting to hear a false alarm every day.

2. Smoke alarms should not be installed on the side of the wall, if installed above the wall, they may not be able to correctly detect the concentration of smoke, and the role will be relatively weak. Because the smoke is going up, the surrounding area is likely to be unable to sense it, it will not work.

Don't look at it like it's small, but sometimes a smoke detector can save a life, no exaggeration. Install a few smoke detectors in your home! They need to be installed in the bedroom in particular.

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