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What to look for in a carbon monoxide detector for maintenance and cleaning

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What to look for in a carbon monoxide detector for maintenance and cleaning

In recent years, the frequency of poisoning accidents caused by carbon monoxide gas leaks has forced people to take greater precautions against this gas, and installing a carbon monoxide detector is a good option.

A carbon monoxide detector is a safety device that specializes in detecting CO concentrations and providing real-time numerical feedback and can send out a timely alarm signal when concentrations exceed the limit to prevent poisoning accidents. The longer the life of the instrument, the more you can save money, so we must pay attention to the daily care and maintenance of the carbon monoxide detector in use.

  • Maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • Precautions


1. Regular inspection.

(1) When installing a carbon monoxide detector, care should be taken to keep it away from locations where there is a lot of grease and dust. Due to the harsh environment, long-term use can cause damage to the sensor performance, so be sure to pay attention to regular inspections and record the inspection data. And replace the sensor with a new one at a time when it is damaged or expired.

(2) Maintenance personnel should regularly check whether the carbon monoxide detector when in normal working condition to avoid alarm failure and still do not know.

2. Moisture

A humid environment will also affect the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide detector, and can even lead to instrument detection failure, so you should always check whether there are water droplets inside the carbon monoxide detector and timely drying process. Keep the surface of the instrument clean and dry, away from moisture and corrosive gases and environments.


1. Regular dust removal. Carbon monoxide detector over time will have a lot of dust, impurities and other easy to enter the interior of the instrument, resulting in parts damage or measurement errors, this dust will seriously affect the detection sensitivity of the carbon monoxide detector, so, to regularly dust the carbon monoxide detector to keep the instrument clean.

2. Cleaning. When cleaning the carbon monoxide detector, avoid using cleaning agents or solvents to wipe the instrument and damage the internal devices of the carbon monoxide detector, resulting in some chemical reactions in the detector material.


1. In a suitable temperature environment, store the carbon monoxide detector, so as not to damage the components if the temperature is too high or too low. It is strictly forbidden to hit or drop the instrument, and it should be handled gently.

2. To avoid blocking the pores of the carbon monoxide detector, such as liquid into the instrument, immediately inverted, so that the liquid flows out on its own, and does not shake violently.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the battery, do not use the carbon monoxide detector in the state of Undervoltage, before each use to determine whether the power supply is sufficient.

The above is the maintenance of carbon monoxide detector-related content. I suggest that in the possible use of carbon monoxide places can be configured with carbon monoxide detector, real-time monitoring of the carbon monoxide content of the place, can be in the carbon monoxide concentration exceeds the standard when the timely alarm to ensure the personal safety of the operator.

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