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What precautions should be taken when using a carbon monoxide alarm?

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What precautions should be taken when using a carbon monoxide alarm?

We all know that when the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air exceeds a certain standard will cause an explosion, so many families will choose to install a carbon monoxide alarm as a safety measure. So, what do we need to pay attention to in the process of using a carbon monoxide alarm? The following will give you specific instructions.

  • Safety instructions

  • Regular cleaning

  • Advice on the use

Safety instructions

1. Be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before using the carbon monoxide alarm and regulate its use.

2. Regular inspection and replacement of carbon monoxide alarm batteries. If you find that the screen is not bright, the sound is weak and the vibration is not obvious, the battery is generally insufficient and should be replaced in time.

3. Avoid the use of a large number of carbon monoxide alarms near the solid hair spray adhesive, insecticide, especially adhesive, thinner alcohol, etc.

4. When you hear the alarm sound, please promptly open the window to ventilate and check the relevant heating facilities, do not blindly turn off the alarm. If a fault occurs, do not disassemble and repair the carbon monoxide alarm yourself.

5. Even if you install a carbon monoxide alarm, do not be careless and properly ventilate the room so that the alarm is not heard when you are asleep.

Regular cleaning

1. Alarm because of long-term non-use, will accumulate a lot of dust, if not removed, will seriously affect the use of carbon monoxide alarms and sensitivity, so to be able to use the alarm properly, we need to remove the dust on the top regularly.

2. When cleaning the alarm, do not use cleaning agents or solvents to wipe the alarm. These liquids contain a large number of chemicals that can permanently damage our carbon monoxide alarms or transiently contaminate the sensor head.

Suggestions for use

1. It is recommended that carbon monoxide alarms are not installed in garages, kitchens, or furnace rooms. Installation in these areas may cause an annoying alarm sound as well as possible exposure to substances that can damage or contaminate the sensor head or may not allow the alarm to be heard from other locations in the home.

2. Do not install in very dirty, dusty, or greasy areas, e.g. kitchens, garages. Oil, dust, or household chemicals can contaminate the sensor head of a carbon monoxide alarm and prevent the alarm from working properly.

3. Do not install in areas with poor air circulation, such as the top of vaulted ceilings or pointed roofs, where carbon monoxide cannot reach the sensor head in time to give an early warning. Do not block carbon monoxide alarm vents. Install the alarm in an area where it will not be blocked by curtains, furniture, or other objects and where there is air circulation.

4. Do not install in areas where the temperature is below 4°C or above 38°C. These areas include rooms, attics, corridors, and garages. Extreme temperatures will affect the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide alarm.

Therefore, to ensure the use and sensitivity of the alarm, we need to learn safety instructions for use and regular cleaning, which will of course extend the life of the carbon monoxide alarm as well as keep us safe.

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