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What do I know about smoke detectors?

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What do I know about smoke detectors?

What is a smoke detector? Is it filled with water? If you don't understand the basics of how smoke detectors work, let me give you a brief overview of the relevant points. Next, you may want to know more.

  • Introduction

  • Basic working principle

  • Applications

  • Range of applications


The smoke detector, also known as smoke fire detector, smoke detector, smoke probe, or smoke sensor, is mainly used in fire protection systems, but also in the construction of security systems. It is a typical conversion from a space fire protection measure to a civil device. Smoke detectors prevent fires mainly by monitoring the concentration of smoke. Smoke detectors are internally sensed by ionized smoke. The ionized smoke sensor is a technologically advanced, stable, and reliable sensor that is widely used in various fire alarm systems and its performance is far superior to that of gas resistance fire alarms.

Basic working principle

As an important front-end induction chain alarm for fire protection systems, the smoke detector is an important pre-production propagation point. Once smoke is generated in the early stages of a fire, the alarm signal can be sent to other devices at the terminal in time for everyone in the room to hear fire warning lights, sounds, and other fire signals at the first opportunity. Therefore, during interior renovation and refurbishment, it is important to pre-provision smoke detectors in key locations in advance to maximize their early warning benefits.


In fire engineering installations, the protection area of the smoke detector is often mentioned, and even the protection radius of the smoke detector is. The correct answer to the protection area and protection radius of detectors can be found in the Automatic Fire Alarm Code.

In the early stages of a fire, a large amount of smoke is produced because the temperature is low and the substance is mostly in the negative combustion stage. Smoke is one of the key features of early fires and smoke detectors have been developed to take advantage of this feature, being able to respond to visible or invisible smoke particles. It is a device that converts changes in smoke concentration at the point of detection into an electrical signal for alarm purposes.

Range of applications

Smoke detectors are used in many important locations due to their ability to effectively detect fires at an early stage.

Places where service or production cannot be easily interrupted: communications rooms / computer rooms / financial data centres / clean rooms / radio or TV stations / automated production facilities / banks / electrical installations.

Places where early smoke is difficult to detect: warehouses / cold rooms/sports stadiums/aircraft hangars/theatres

Places where business interruption is avoided: communication network centers/server rooms/command and control centers / sophisticated medical equipment / MIS rooms

Places where maintenance is difficult: prisons and detention centers/cable ducts/return air ducts / nuclear power stations or biochemical protection zones / operating theatres

Places where aesthetics are required or where the value of treasures cannot be estimated: museums/archives / historical buildings / technical facilities/ galleries/cathedrals.

Specific public places: theatres / churches / transport hubs / sanatoriums or convalescent centres / hospitals.

In conclusion, smoke detectors are still relatively common in our lives, bring us a lot of conveniences and play a good role in maintaining our safety.

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