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What are the application areas of carbon monoxide detectors?

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What are the application areas of carbon monoxide detectors?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a toxic gas that kills a large number of people. Mild poisoning presents severe headache, dizziness, heartbeat, dazzling eyes, weakness of limbs, vomiting, irritability, and unstable gait. In case of severe poisoning, the person knows that the obstruction is severe and is in a deep faint or vegetative condition or even dead, so carbon monoxide detectors have an important effect on the production environment.

A carbon monoxide detector is a kind of gas detector that can continuously detect the concentration of toxic gases, oxygen, flammable and explosive gases, and observe the gas concentration value at any time, precisely because it has its unique advantages, which makes it in many fields are used. Nowadays, the use of carbon monoxide gas detectors is becoming more and more widespread. It is widely used in the petrochemical industry, water treatment, chemical industry, the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food industry. Below I will give you a specific introduction to carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Chemical industry

  • Coal Mining Industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Food industry

  • Parking environment monitoring

  • Organic chemical raw material manufacturing

Chemical industry

The production of ammonia, acetone, phosgene, and methanol in the chemical industry must be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

Coal Mining Industry

Rock tunnel blasting, coal tunnel blasting, coal mining perforation, hydraulic coal mining, mechanical coal mining, coal mining loading, coal mining support, and underground ventilation.

Pharmaceutical industry

Because many of the materials and intermediates are flammable and explosive or toxic chemicals, the same need to monitor the leakage of toxic or flammable and explosive gases in the pharmaceutical process as in chemical plants. Carbon monoxide detectors are used to monitor a wide range of volatile organic compounds.

Food industry

In processes such as sterilization and freshness, gases such as ClO22, CO2, and O2 are used. In these processes, stationary carbon monoxide detectors are used to detect the concentration of these gases for process control or leak detection.

Parking environment monitoring

Once the carbon monoxide detector detects that the current carbon monoxide level exceeds the standard, it will automatically turn on the ventilation equipment to ensure ventilation and personnel safety in the car park.

Organic chemical raw material manufacturing

Hydrocarbon raw material cracking, cracking gas rapid cooling, cracking gas purification, isoprene synthesis, methanol synthesis, methanol carbonylation, carbonyl synthesis, propionaldehyde synthesis, dimethylformamide synthesis, and carbon monoxide chlorination can be used carbon monoxide detector.

In summary, the carbon monoxide detector will often be applied to some areas, in addition to these major areas, carbon monoxide detector can also be widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, paper, fire, municipal, telecommunications, food, textile, and other industries. In addition to the traditional use, carbon monoxide detectors are also beginning to be used in succession for newer needs, such as smart homes, intensive public places fire safety, etc. It is worth noting that in the intelligent security system, a carbon monoxide detector became one of the exteriors.

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