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What are the advantages of smoke detectors?

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Smoke detectors we can say are everywhere, in public areas such as shopping malls, hotels, and cinemas. It is indispensable in our life. Now the general family fire safety awareness is still relatively weak, there are also some community properties will be placed in the building hydrant, but I think prevention is greater than everything, the installation of a smoke detector in the home will be time so that the Yin burning stage of the fire to get attention, so that we have more time to escape and disposal, our home is Ningbo Golden Shield smoke alarm. So what are the advantages of installing a smoke detector?

  • Increases the chance of escape by 50%

  • Remote phone text alarms

  • 3m 80dB high volume

  • PC-based management platform

  • Multiple people can be notified by phone at the same time

  • Suitable for multiple locations

  • Super long standby

  • Easy to install and operate

Increases the chance of escape by 50%

1. Can detect fire quickly when it is on fire again;

2. Reduces casualty rates; in fact, the death rate from fires in homes protected by smoke detectors is lower than those without such protection.

3. Reduces fire damage, which is often limited to the material that caught fire first.

Remote phone text alarms

The mobile phone is the alarm, so you don't have to travel any distance to be alerted as soon as high smoke levels are detected.

3m 80dB high volume

Sound and light alarm, 80 allocations of high sound alarm, a wide variety of electronic alerts in modern homes, smoke detectors use a large number of speakers alarm when a high decibel alarm tone, timely notification of the alarm.

PC-based management platform

1. Pop-up window to receive detector information and voice prompts.

2. Backstage display of smoke detector information allows for timely telephone confirmation of alarms and acknowledgment.

3. Seamless connection between backstage and mobile management platform allows timely checking of area reality.

Multiple people can be notified by phone at the same time

When the smoke level reaches the alarm level, the device will send out an alarm signal and notify you and your set emergency contacts by phone for the first time.

Suitable for multiple locations

The intelligent wireless smoke detector does not require an external power supply and is suitable for use in homes, hotels, office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, and other scenarios to prevent fires and protect people and property.

Super long standby

With a 3V lithium battery power supply, it can standby for 3-5 years, fault, low battery remote SMS alert.

Easy to install and operate

No need to wire and connect to the network, just install and use; mobile phone end using WeChat small program management platform, no need to download any APP; with test button, while supporting remote manual alarm, installation and use more quickly.

Smoke detectors are one of the most common fire warning devices, able to accurately sense the smoke generated by a fire in the early stages of its occurrence, quickly warning people and stopping the spread of fire in time. So the advantages of this smoke detector are also obvious, but of course, you must follow the correct way to install it, otherwise, it will lose its effect.

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