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Precautions for daily maintenance of Smoke Alarm

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Precautions for daily maintenance of Smoke Alarm

For fire prevention, more and more families choose to use home Smoke Alarms, which can effectively solve the problem that the fire situation cannot be known at the first time when there is no one in the home or at night. A Photoelectronic fire detector is easy to install and use, and easy to maintain. Household Smoke Alarms can be attributed to electronic products. Doing a good job in daily maintenance can effectively extend the service life and reduce the false alarm rate. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the Smoke Alarm cannot be ignored, but what should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Don't press the detection button on Smoke Alarm frequently when using it.

l The solution to Smoke Alarm dust accumulation and malfunction.

Don't press the detection button on Smoke Alarm frequently when using it.

Smoke Alarm realizes fire prevention warning by sensing the concentration of smoke in the air. When the concentration of smoke in the surrounding air reaches the set value of the alarm, an alarm will be triggered. Therefore, household Smoke Alarms should not be installed in the kitchen and other places with heavy oily smoke. In daily maintenance, do not use hair spray, mousse, insecticide, paint, and other items in large quantities near the Photoelectronic fire alarm, so as not to affect the sensitivity of internal components. In addition, the domestic Smoke Alarm uses lithium batteries to supply power, which consumes a lot of power when the alarm sounds, which affects the battery life. Therefore, when installing and testing, you can use the test battery. Once it is put into normal use, you must not frequently press the test on the alarm. Button to avoid increasing battery costs. Do not use a lighter or another direct fire source to test the Smoke Alarm to avoid accidentally burning the device and affecting product performance.

The solution to Smoke Alarm dust accumulation and malfunction.

After the alarm is used for a long time, dust accumulates, which may cause false alarms. This is not a failure of the alarm. At this time, you only need to perform air maintenance according to the instructions on the instruction manual, and the problem can be solved. In addition, if Smoke Alarm is found to be faulty, immediately consult the manufacturer's technicians or contact customer service personnel for after-sales treatment. Do not disassemble it yourself. Because some Carbon monoxide alarms may not have a big problem, once they are disassembled, they are difficult to recover, resulting in a waste of resources. Choosing a high-quality, high-performance household smoke alarm can effectively solve many maintenance problems. Customers who bought the Ningbo Kingdun Photoelectronic fire detector unanimously reported that this product has a high-value appearance and high functionality, which can be immediately in the early stage of a fire. It is an essential product for home fire prevention and the best product to prevent problems before they occur. It is worth installing in every household and accompanying for life!

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