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Precautions and specifications for the use of carbon monoxide detectors

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Precautions and specifications for the use of carbon monoxide detectors

A carbon monoxide detector is a device used to detect carbon monoxide. When the carbon monoxide in the air reaches a certain concentration, the gas alarm will alert people to ventilate and breathe to prevent CO poisoning. And to make the carbon monoxide detector work better, the following four points must be noted when using it.

This is the list of contents:

·Precautions for use

·Specifications for correct use

Precautions for use

1. Pay attention to regular calibration and testing. Toxic and hazardous gas alarms also use the comparison method, as with other analytical instruments. Therefore, carbon monoxide detectors must always calibrate the instrument.

2. Pay attention to the concentration measurement range of the instrument. Carbon monoxide detectors have a fixed range. The instrument can only measure accurately if the measurement is completed within the measurement range.

3. Pay attention to the service life of various sensors. Generally speaking, in portable instruments, the service life of the sensor is generally about 3 years; the service life of electrochemical sensors depends on the dryness of the electrolyte, so if it is not used for a long time, the sealing of the low-temperature environment can extend the service life. Due to the large size of fixed carbon monoxide detectors, the life of the sensor is also long. Photoionisation detectors have a life of 4 years or more, electrochemical gas sensors have a life of 1-2 years and carbon monoxide detectors have a life of about 1 year.

4. Pay attention to the detection of interference between different sensors. In general, each carbon monoxide detector corresponds to a specific detection gas, so when choosing a gas sensor, it should be as homogeneous as possible for other gases.

Specifications for correct use

1. The use of carbon monoxide process installations and storage and transport facilities in the area, should be set up following the provisions of the carbon monoxide detector.

2. Carbon monoxide detectors should be set up on the premises, it is appropriate to use fixed, when the conditions are not set up fixed, should be equipped with portable detection alarm.

3. Every six months shall be designated by the state agencies and authorized inspection units for the alarm calibration, does not meet the requirements should be repaired promptly.

4. Regular inspection, inspection items include connection parts, movable parts, display parts, and control knobs; fault lights; detector fasteners; whether the detector parts are blocked. The inspection found that the carbon monoxide detector has problems to deal with and report promptly.

5. If the carbon monoxide detector often occurs alarm, should be inspected. If there is damage, repairs should be carried out. If no damage is found, it should be checked promptly for carbon monoxide leaks, and if there is a leak, the hidden problem should be eliminated. Take the necessary measures to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning until the correction of hidden carbon monoxide leaks is complete. Do not take the alarm for granted.

6. Where an alarm occurs, keep a record of the cause of the alarm, the duration of the alarm, and how it was handled.

The above notes on the use of carbon monoxide detectors are shared here, in industry, carbon monoxide detectors can be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, light industry, coking, gas, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment, and many other industries and fields.

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