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Photoelectronic Standalone Smoke Alarm LM-102A

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  • LM-102A

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LM-102 Series Smoke alarm instructions

I、Appearance and dimension



II、Technical parameters

1、working voltage: DC9V

2、current:               Quiescent current≤12uA

                                    Alarm current ≤ 20mA

3、alarm loudness:   ≥85dB/3m

4、normal condition: LED(red) flashes every 43S

5、alarm mode:          sound/light(constantly)

6、low battery test:    <7.35V make an alarm sound every 43 seconds

7、working temperature: -10℃~+40℃

8、ambient humidity: ≤95%RH(no condensation)


Take the product out of the box, turn the mounting plate anticlockwise and detach it.

Take the 9V battery out, remove the protective film, press the battery into battery terminal and put it back into the battery container.

Inset the hooks on the mounting plate into the installing groove, turn the shell clockwise to fasten.

Press the test button, the red LED flashes and an alarm sound is made at the same time. That means the detector is working properly.


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