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Maintenance of fire alarms

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Maintenance of fire alarms

The maintenance of fire alarms is very necessary. For the general public, it is easy to reduce their safety awareness after having safety detection equipment. Once the fire comes, they will be even more caught off guard. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the status of fire alarms.

Here is the content list:

l Maintenance requirements for fire alarms

l Fire alarms maintenance method

Maintenance requirements for fire alarms

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the functions of fire alarms such as self-checking, silencing, reset, shielding, historical record query, and fire alarm priority should be normal. Secondly, fire alarms should be able to directly or indirectly receive fire alarm signals from fire detectors and other alarm triggering devices, send out sound and light alarm signals, indicate the location of the fire, record the fire alarm time, and keep it until manual reset, the fire alarm sound signal should be manually eliminated, and it should be able to start again when there is another fire alarm signal input. Then use the fire alarms printer to record the fire alarm time. When a fault occurs inside the controller or between the controller and its connected components, it should be able to send out a fault sound and light signal that is different from the fire alarm signal within 100s. The fault sound signal should be It can be eliminated manually, and it should be able to restart when there is a fault signal input.

Fire alarms maintenance method

Operate the self-check button of fire alarms and observe the action of all indicator lights, displays, and audio devices on the controller panel. When the fire alarms are in the alarm state, manually operate the mute button of the controller to check the elimination of the sound signal of the controller. Manually operate the reset button of the fire linkage controller or fire alarm controller (linkage type) to observe the working conditions of the controller and module. Operate the controller to shield or unshield any part of the circuit, check the controller device information comment, and the working condition of the muting indicator light. Combined with the fire alarms alarm function test, check whether the alarm location and type displayed by the fire alarms are consistent with the scene. When the controller sends out the control signal of the fire-fighting linkage equipment, it should send out the corresponding acousto-optic signal indication, which cannot be covered and should be maintained until manual recovery; the corresponding acousto-optic signal should be issued within 10s of receiving the feedback signal from the fire-fighting linkage control equipment and keep it until the fire linkage equipment recovers. Combined with the fire alarms function test, check whether the paper information recorded by the printer is complete. If the connection between the fire alarms and any on-site component is broken, use a stopwatch to measure the response time of the controller fault alarm, and check the display of the controller fault information. Test the power conversion function of the controller: cut off the main power supply, it can automatically switch to the standby power supply, and when the main power supply is restored, it can automatically switch to the main power supply; the working status indication of the main and standby power supplies is normal.

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