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Instructions for use of fire alarms

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Instructions for use of fire alarms

Fire prevention is a problem that every family must pay attention to at all times. If simple fire prevention measures can be taken in advance according to the actual situation of your home, some tragedies can be avoided. Here's how to use fire alarms.

Here is the content list:

l Installation of fire alarms

l How to use fire alarms

Installation of fire alarms

Since natural gas, city gas, carbon monoxide, etc. are lighter than air, it is recommended to install fire alarms in a well-ventilated location within a radius of 1.5 meters from the gas source, and it is recommended to install them at a distance of about 0.3 meters from the ceiling. Due to the particularity of fire alarms, it is not recommended to install them in corners, cabinets, and other places where the air is not easy to circulate, and places that are easily smoked by oil fume.

How to use fire alarms

Regarding the indication of the power light of fire alarms, the green light is on when the power is turned on and goes off when the alarm is on. The warning light is red, on when the alarm is on, and off when the alarm is stopped. Turn on the power, the alarm starts to work normally after the green light is on or flashing for 3 minutes. When the detected gas reaches the alarm point, the fire alarms start to alarm, the green light goes out, the alarm light turns on, and the buzzer emits an alarm sound of "B, B, B...", when the concentration of the detected gas drops below the alarm point, Fire alarms stop the alarm (carbon monoxide alarm has a delay function). If the manual detection function is added, when the button is pressed, the green light will be off, the alarm light will be on, and the buzzer will sound "B, B, B...".

If the connected exhaust fan function is added, when the fire alarms alarm, the connected exhaust fan will start to automatically remove harmful gases. If the connected manipulator or solenoid valve function is added, when the fire alarms alarm, the connected manipulator or solenoid valve will automatically close the gas valve, thereby cutting off the harmful gas source. If the networking function is added, when the fire alarms alarm, the management center or the control center will receive the normally open and normally closed (NO, NC) signals at the same time. (For those with added wireless function, the alarm host will receive a wireless signal for 2-3 seconds). When the fire alarms alarm, please open the doors and windows immediately, turn off the hazardous gas source, and do not turn on or off any electrical switches. Immediately report to the gas management department for inspection and processing by professionals. After being dealt with by professionals, the fire alarms should be ventilated.

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