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Installation of Smoke Alarm

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Installation of Smoke Alarm

A Photoelectronic smoke detector is the first to obtain 3C certification of the latest household detector standard and is recommended for local fire brigades. Smoke Alarm is easy to install and has significant effects. It has been widely used in important fire prevention places such as homes, factories, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and museums. Many people want to be more perfect after installing at home, so they may install some Smoke Alarms. Installing Photoelectronic fire alarms at home can help us early warning. Then how to install Smoke Alarms? Today, the editor will talk to you about this issue, so come and find out. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l How to install Smoke Alarm?

l The installation of the Smoke Alarm must meet the following requirements.

How to install Smoke Alarm?

First, you must choose a safe area when installing. Pay attention that the back of the mounting bracket must be close to the wall. After the bracket is installed, unpack the Smoke Alarm box and remove the fixing seat on the back. You can see the two Remove the Smoke Alarm from the arrow. Second, after removing the lower cover of the Carbon monoxide alarm, find the movable end of the battery and press its end on the spine of the battery. At this time, the light of the alarm will flash indirectly. Third, long-press the black button to do the Smoke Alarm test. If the test is normal and there is no abnormality, it means that Smoke Alarm can work. Finally, we installed the Smoke Alarm on the bracket at the beginning, fixed it, and finished it.

The installation of the Smoke Alarm must meet the following requirements.

First, when the installation height is less than 6 meters, if the detector is on the beam, the distance from the bottom surface of the detector to the ceiling should not exceed 0.3 meters. Second, Smoke Alarm must be at least 1.5 meters away from the air outlet in an air-conditioned room. Third, the installation angle of the Smoke Alarm cannot be greater than 45 degrees. Fourth, Smoke Alarm is installed at a distance of more than 0.6 meters from the wall or wall beam.

Fifth, the Photoelectronic fire detector can only ensure normal alarms when an alarm occurs, and property and life will be protected normally only when the maintenance is strengthened during use. Sixth, the battery type Smoke Alarm needs to check the battery energy regularly and replace the battery in time. Seventh, it should be tested regularly, at least once a week, and if any abnormalities are found, it should be maintained in time to ensure the normal operation of the smoke alarm. Eighth, the use environment of Smoke Alarm is -10℃ to 50℃.

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