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Installation and wiring of fire alarms

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Installation and wiring of fire alarms

The sensitivity of smoke fire alarms is considered according to the geographical location and the application environment to achieve the desired effect.

Here is the content list:

l Installation of fire alarms

l Wiring of fire alarms

Installation of fire alarms

The fire alarms adopt the method of wall-mounted installation. The height of the bottom edge from the ground should not be less than 1.5m. The rear box has 3 installation holes, which can be fixed on the wall with M8 metal expansion bolts. The fixing should be firm and correct. Reinforcement measures should be taken when installing lightweight walls. The side distance close to the door shaft should not be less than 0.5m, and the front operation distance should not be less than 1.2m. The display and operation panel of fire alarms should avoid direct sunlight, and there should be no high temperature, high humidity, dust, and corrosive gas in the room; it should not be affected by vibration and shock. Choose a suitable installation area and book two holes on the ceiling or wall according to the holes of the mounting bracket. Press the two holes to lock the two holes. Insert two plastic waist pegs into the two holes, then press the back of the mounting bracket against the wall. Insert and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket is firmly seated. Fire alarms are closed devices and do not allow opening, please put the battery in the compartment on the back of the unit.

Wiring of fire alarms

The power supply of fire alarms is connected to the power supply at the lower right corner of the controller box. There are three terminals L, N, and G, which are respectively connected to the live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire of the AC power supply. The wiring terminals of fire alarms are located in the box, from top to bottom are the control output wiring board (optional), circuit 1 wiring board, circuit 2 wiring board (optional), serial communication board (optional), ARCNET communication board (Optional). In terms of wiring requirements, it is necessary to strictly follow the standards. First, the two bus lines of fire alarms must use copper-core twisted pairs and be far away from strong electric equipment and strong electric lines. The insulation resistance should be greater than 20M, otherwise, the system is susceptible to space electromagnetic interference. It is easy to crosstalk with each other, and the system cannot work normally. Secondly, the fire control room of fire alarms should be equipped with a grounding body, and it should be ensured that the grounding of the controller is firm and reliable, otherwise, the controller may be electrified due to poor grounding, and endangering personal safety. The system may also reduce the anti-interference ability due to the poor grounding of the controller, resulting in unstable operation. Then the outdoor wiring should be protected against water and moisture, otherwise, the insulation of the wires may be reduced due to long-term humidity; it should be laid through steel pipes, and the steel pipes should be reliably grounded to improve the system's anti-lightning and anti-interference performance. Finally, the loop bus, 24V power line, network communication line, and other lines of the controller shall not be co-managed with broadcast lines, telephone lines, or other high-voltage lines. Broadcast lines and telephone lines should be laid separately through pipes.

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