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How to maintain smoke detectors

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How to maintain smoke detectors

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of fire prevention, the maintenance of fire protection systems has also received more and more attention. The maintenance of smoke detectors is particularly important as they can transmit the detected fire information to the fire alarm host promptly, with the host issuing an audible and visual alarm signal and linking the relevant fire fighting facilities to extinguish the fire promptly to reduce losses and damage. So how do you maintain and clean smoke detectors? Here, I will introduce you.

There are several aspects as follows:


·Cleaning conditions


1. Insist on testing all smoke detectors with a smoke gun once a year and check the alarm function of smoke detectors quarterly on a random basis, if the tested smoke detectors do not alarm or have delayed alarms the detectors will be replaced.

2. Record the addresses of the smoke detectors tested to avoid repeated testing at the same point.

3. During the smoke detection test, record the delay of the smoke detectors and make a final summary of the smoke detectors throughout the station.

This will give a general idea of the working status of the smoke detectors in the station and provide the conditions for cleaning the smoke detectors in the next step.

4. During the test, smoke detectors should be checked for accurate addresses so that smoke detectors with incorrect addresses and rooms can be readjusted promptly. Smoke detectors with incorrect addresses should be re-addressed to prevent incorrect commands from being sent to the central control room during the relief process.

Cleaning conditions

As some smoke detectors have radioactive radiation atoms that harm the human body, such as ion smoke detectors have Am241 radionuclides, self-cleaning of such detectors can have very serious consequences: pollution of the environment and personal injury to the cleaning personnel. So for the following reasons many companies do not have the conditions to clean themselves.

1. The site anti-static work is not controlled well.

2. Cleaning with ultrasonic deionized water quality can not be guaranteed, to not having the water conditions.

3. Dehydration, drying, and the aging site do not have the conditions.

4. The threshold of the detector after cleaning cannot be calibrated to detect whether the national value of the smoke detector meets the requirements.


Therefore, units and individuals using smoke detectors must do so at least once every three years following the requirements of the National Fire Code. Smoke detectors should be cleaned by a qualified unit at least once every three years to ensure that the smoke detector can operate normally and perform its proper alarm function.

With the accelerated pace of social and economic development, fire fighting is becoming more and more important, to implement the national policy of prevention first, prevention and elimination combined. I hope that all units and individuals should strengthen the maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, in strict accordance with the requirements of national fire-fighting regulations to carry out. This will ensure that the fire-fighting system operates safely, accurately, and promptly.

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