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How to choose a qualified carbon monoxide alarm

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How to choose a qualified carbon monoxide alarm

For the safety of yourself and your family, you will install alarms at home. Many people have heard of carbon monoxide alarms, mainly when carbon monoxide poisoning, the alarm will alarm in advance so that we can be prepared in time to avoid property damage to their lives and the lives of their families, but people do not know about these alarms. Then I will introduce how to choose a qualified carbon monoxide alarm?

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·Network options


If you are not sure of the reliability of your purchasing channel, it is best to give preference to well-known brands of carbon monoxide alarm products.


As a life safety product, when purchasing an alarm, you should also pay attention to the sensor used. The sensor is the core component of the carbon monoxide alarm and directly determines the reliability of the product. Different sensors have their advantages in the performance of the alarm, and there are currently two main categories of semiconductor sensors and electrochemical sensors.

Semiconductor sensors are sensors made using various physical, chemical, and biological properties of semiconductor materials. It is relatively economical, simple to manufacture, and highly sensitive, with fast response times and low sensitivity to humidity.


Carbon monoxide alarms are susceptible to external environmental influences during use, resulting in inaccurate detection data. When installing the alarm, attention needs to be paid to maintenance, such as installation away from fumes and dust, attention to moisture, regular cleaning and dust removal, and regular checks on sensitivity to avoid malfunctions. Maintenance personnel should regularly check whether the carbon monoxide alarm is in normal working condition to avoid malfunction of the alarm.


Most of the carbon monoxide alarms on the market will be marked with insurance, insurance is also a responsible performance for consumers, so it can also be used as one of the conditions of choice when buying an alarm.

Networking methods

Carbon monoxide alarms can be divided into non-networked, Zigbee, NB-IoT, LoRa, wired, and many other types.

Non-networked type, i.e. the alarm only has a local alarm function, once the gas concentration is detected above the threshold, a high decibel beeping alarm will be turned on to alert people on the premises of the danger. The non-networked type is simple, stable, and has a low maintenance cost.

How to choose a qualified carbon monoxide alarm? First, choose whether it is for industrial or domestic use depending on your application. If you choose the one for home use, then choose the electrochemical or semiconductor one according to the requirements of the carbon monoxide alarm, it is generally recommended to choose the electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm.

The above is how to choose a qualified carbon monoxide alarm for you? The use of gas must pay attention to safety, for the sake of family and themselves must be installed alarm, after all, now carbon monoxide poisoning or a lot of, to avoid such a situation, must do a good job of prevention, to avoid poisoning, bring danger to family and themselves.

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