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How to buy smoke detectors?

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How to buy smoke detectors?

Because of the high demand in the market, there are many brands of smoke detectors on the market, so when you choose a product you face a problem of how to choose, I suggest that you can consider the following aspects.

This is the list of contents:

·according to the use of places to choose

·Choose according to regulatory flexibility

·To ensure the arrival rate of alarms

·Indicators of household concern

according to the use of places to choose

Smoke detectors can be used in a variety of places, most places do not have special needs, but if it is an old place of fire safety transformation recommended the use of wireless smoke detectors, because the wireless type in the process of installation without wiring through the wall, just need to be installed directly in the place where it needs to be installed, the data transmission is done using the built-in wireless network card, very convenient.

Choose according to regulatory flexibility

Ordinary smoke detectors are wired to a host device to supervise all the devices and information collected, this supervision is rather limited and requires a person to watch the host device in real-time. If you want more flexibility in supervision it is recommended to choose a wireless stand-alone smoke detector, as this detector works wirelessly throughout, all data is directly uploaded to the cloud platform, not limited to a particular device, so the user only needs to login to the system through the account password to access the data from the cloud platform, more flexible management.

To ensure the arrival rate of alarms

The general smoke detector can only carry out on-site alarm, which requires consideration of a problem is that if there is no one at the scene then the alarm becomes useless, taking into account the rate of alarm information recommended the use of the wireless smoke detector, this new detector can not only carry out on-site alarm but also through the fire system will be able to alarm information by telephone, SMS transmission to the system preset management personnel on the mobile phone, so that This ensures that the alarm information is transmitted regardless of whether there is anyone on-site or not, ensuring the arrival rate.

Indicators of household concern

The installation of smoke detectors is one of the most effective measures for home fire prevention. When purchasing, users need to pay attention to these key performance indicators.

Battery power

Smoke detectors have limited battery power. When purchasing, it is important to find out how much power the product consumes daily so that you can estimate how long the battery will last and replace it in time to avoid it not working due to a lack of power supply.

Indicator features

Smoke detectors have several LED indicators, and the different display states of the indicators, represent different meanings. Many users just can't figure out what these mean, resulting in fear when they see the indicator light flashing, so be sure to ask the manufacturer about the characteristics of the indicator light when buying to avoid this situation.

Smoke detector on the purchase of advice for everyone here, if you need to know more about smoke detectors, you can leave a message to contact us, we will be the first time to answer for you.

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