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How to avoid false positives from smoke fire detectors

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How to avoid false positives from smoke fire detectors

False alarms from smoke and fire detector are a serious problem that not only easily causes panic among the masses, but also causes unnecessary manpower. False alarms are generally caused by cooking, the influence of water vapor or moisture, or a low power supply. Different solutions are required for different situations.

Here is the content list:

l False positives caused by cooking

l False alarms caused by water vapor or moisture

l False alarms caused by the low power supply

False positives caused by cooking

Many false positives for cooking fumes are from ionic fire detectors. Because the sensor is sensitive to extremely small smoke particles, even those that are invisible to the human eye. The smoke particles produced by the high temperature of cooking are invisible to the human eye. There are two basic solutions. The first is to move the position of the fire detector. Placing the alarm further away from the cooking area will reduce false alarms by making the cooking smoke thin by the time it reaches the alarm. But this method doesn't always work, especially if the flow of air brings cooking fumes to the alarm, which can also create false alarms. When moving the fire detector, be sure to figure out the direction of the airflow. The second is to replace the alarm. Buy a new ion alarm with a mute button. Just push the button and the fire detector will stop the alarm for 15 minutes, which is enough time for the cooking fumes to disperse. The option is to buy a photoelectric smoke alarm. Photoelectric alarms are less sensitive to tiny smoke particles, so there will be no false alarms for smoke particles from cooking.

False alarms caused by water vapor or moisture

Water vapor or moisture will condense on the sensor and circuit board. If too much water vapor condenses, the fire detector will sound an alarm. We can install the alarm device far away from water vapor and moisture. If the fire detector, which was working fine, is now reacting to water vapor or moisture, then the problem may be that the fire detector is aging. Older alarms will become more sensitive and more responsive to water vapor and moisture. Therefore, the occurrence of false alarms may also be that the alarm has exceeded its service life and needs to be replaced.

False alarms caused by the low power supply

The fire detector battery will also make a chirping sound about every minute when it is about to run out, and some people will think this is a false alarm. But the sound is very distinguishable because it makes a single, short sound that occurs about every minute or so. If your fire detector is making this sound intermittently, you can replace the battery and see if that solves the problem.

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