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How does Smoke Alarm detect smoke in the air?

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How does Smoke Alarm detect smoke in the air?

The destructiveness of a fire has the most direct relationship with time. The earlier a fire is discovered, the loss caused by a fire accident will be reduced to a large extent. The sensitive Smoke Alarm is an effective guarantee. To prevent fires, Smoke Alarm is installed in most public places such as hospitals and hotels. If there is a Photoelectronic smoke detector in the room, it can prevent a fire from happening. So do you know the specific principle of Smoke Alarm? How does it detect smoke in the air? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l What is the principle of Smoke Alarm?

l Can I smoke if there is a Smoke Alarm in the house?

l Where should Smoke Alarm be installed?

What is the principle of Smoke Alarm?

There is an ion chamber inside the Smoke Alarm, which can radiate ionization when in the room, generate positive and negative ions, and can move under the action of the electric field. If there is no fire, relatively speaking, the current and voltage of the ionization chamber are relatively stable. But if there is smoke in the room, it will interfere with the normal operation of the electric particles, and the current and voltage will also change, which will destroy this balance. The transmitter will send out an alarm signal and notify the receiving host, so it will transmit the alarm signal.

Can I smoke if there is a Smoke Alarm in the house?

If Smoke Alarm is installed indoors, it is possible to smoke, but we need to pay attention to the concentration. When smoking, it is best to open the windows to facilitate air circulation. Because if it is in a closed state because the air is not circulating, the smoke concentration will exceed a certain range. Once a certain standard is reached, the Photoelectronic fire detector will sound a warning. It is precise because Smoke Alarm has such a principle that it can determine the smoke emitted during a fire, and alarm, and its performance is relatively stable. Moreover, the appearance is more beautiful and the installation is simple. After the installation is successful, it can be installed in some hotels or Internet cafes and places with relatively dense personnel for fire safety monitoring.

Where should Smoke Alarm be installed?

A Smoke Alarm can generally be installed in the living room or bedroom because, in these places, the flow of people is relatively large, so the significance of a Photoelectronic fire alarm will be more significant. If it is installed in a place where smoke is rarely or cannot be generated at all, even if there is a fire, the alarm is meaningless.

The above content specifically introduces the principle of a Smoke Alarm, and according to its principle, it is still very important to be able to understand the Photoelectronic smoke detector. It is necessary to pay attention to the location of the indoor installation. If there is smoke, it is necessary to install it. Our official website is https://www.kingdunalarm.com/. If you want to learn more about our company, you can communicate with us on the website.

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