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Four main areas of application for smoke detectors

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Four main areas of application for smoke detectors

The creation of smoke detectors is of great relevance to human society. This is mainly because, in the old days before smoke detectors were commonplace, large fires in many places spread. After all, no one noticed when the fire was just starting and did not deal with it in time. Smoke detectors, on the other hand, have an intelligent alarm system that draws attention to the surrounding area, even when no one is around. Now that many areas are realizing the significance of smoke detectors are beginning to be widely introduced, this article will focus on four areas of application for smoke detectors.

This is the list of contents:

·Public transport

·Dangerous goods warehouses

·Domestic kitchens

·Fire fighting

Public transport

Smoke detectors are nowadays installed on the most common buses, high-speed trains, or airplanes. Smoke detectors are essential on these public transport vehicles. They must also be highly sensitive to the smallest particles of smoke and dust and must respond in time. This is because open fires and smoking are strictly forbidden on public transport to ensure safe travel and the safety of a large number of passengers. Smoke detectors can therefore be installed to intelligently monitor such behavior and ensure that trains are not disturbed.

Dangerous goods warehouses

Large warehouses are also an area where smoke detectors are used, especially where flammable or explosive substances and gases are stored. These warehouses are prone to fire accidents due to the specific nature of the items stored, the severity of which can be unimaginable. But 24/7 manned guarding is time-consuming and ineffective. With the introduction of smoke detectors, however, even inconspicuous gas leaks or smoldering can be detected by the smoke detectors and an alarm can be raised.

Domestic kitchens

Many homes now have smoke detectors in their kitchens because they are now commonly fuelled by natural gas and require extra attention. This is because it is common to use gas fuel in kitchens nowadays, which requires extra attention. Also, when cooking dishes such as porridge or soup, people leave the kitchen for a while or lose track of time, allowing pots to boil dry and cause open fires or soup to spill over and cause accidents. With the installation of smoke detectors, these situations can be detected and remedied as soon as they occur.

Fire fighting

Smoke detectors are used in civil and industrial buildings where there is a lot of smoke in the event of a fire, but no smoke under normal circumstances, such as homes, office buildings, school buildings, hotels and shops, computer rooms, etc. Once the smoke detector detects a fire, it will sound a high-decibel alarm and send the fire information to the monitoring host, which will then upload the fire information to the cloud platform, which will notify the manager of the fire in the form of a platform alarm or SMS alarm, so that timely measures can be taken to avoid a major fire.

The four areas described are the areas where smoke detectors are most used and most in-demand today. Of course, smoke detectors are also essential in many other areas, such as large department stores. The advent of smoke detectors has brought fire prevention to a new level and is worthy of promotion and continuous development. It is therefore advisable to install a smoke detector in all areas where fire prevention is required, as the cost is not high but the value is huge.

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