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Differences between different fire detectors

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Differences between different fire detectors

Fire detectors are divided into wireless and wired. Ningbo Jindun will briefly introduce the three major differences between the two. Wired fire detectors are traditional smart firefighting equipment, and wireless fire detectors are the sum of independent fire detectors and smart fire detectors. Of course, with time, technology is developing, and equipment with the latest technology has a better user experience, has more functions, and can better meet the fire protection needs of the market. But existing and reasonable, traditional fire detectors also have reasons for their existence. Today, let's take a deeper look at "fire detector".

Here is the content list:

l Wiring is different

l Installation is different

l Maintenance is different

Wiring is different

The first difference is the wiring. The most intuitive difference between a wired fire detector and a wireless fire detector is wiring. Wired fire detectors require wiring, while wireless fire detectors do not require wiring. There is no difference in the wiring between independent fire detectors and smart fire detectors in wireless fire detectors, but there are differences in communication. Independent fire detectors use local area network communication, and smart fire detectors rely on the NB-IOT communication technology of the three major operators.

Installation is different

The second difference is the installation problem. The wiring problem directly leads to the difficulty of installing the two. Wired smoke detector wiring costs a lot of manpower and material resources in some large places, especially in the factory area, where the roof is high and there is no platform. make it harder. In this scenario, wireless fire detector can show their advantages, and easy installation is one of the biggest benefits of wireless detectors.

Maintenance is different

The third difference is maintenance. When problems occur with traditional wired fire detectors, professionals are required to conduct on-site investigations, and it is difficult to find the problem. However, wireless fire detectors, especially smart fire detectors, have better intelligence in fault detection. The fault problems of the fire detector will be automatically uploaded to the platform background of the smart fire detector. You only need to check the relevant reports. The article can understand the specific problem. In terms of maintenance, it can be said that the traditional smoke detector has been comprehensively upgraded.

The intelligent wireless smoke detector product adopts a unique structural design and photoelectric sensing technology, it can monitor and detect the presence of smoke in real-time, and detect visible particles (smoldering fire) faster than ionization alarms. Once smoke and fire danger is detected, the red LED indicator light of the alarm flashes quickly and an alarm sound is issued. At the same time, the alarm signal is transmitted to the cloud platform through wireless communication to realize real-time monitoring on-site and in the background, thus forming an Internet of Things system for smoke detection. The product has the functions of dust-proof, insect-proof, anti-light interference, etc., which ensures the stability of the product from the design. It is suitable for fire alarms in residences, factories, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, teaching buildings, banks, libraries, and warehouses.

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