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Battery Indoor Wireless Fire Smart Smoke Alarm KD-127D

This is our most sale smoke detectors. It is used to detect smoldering smoke and
warn us to take proper measurement before a fire,it can increase the chance of escape by 50% , reduce the casualty rate and reduce losses from a fire.

Our product is with high sensitivity and stable function.Meanwhile it has local smoke alarm memory and hush function which can stop the false alarm immediately. They are all classic model and designed by big Test button for easy operation.
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  • KD-127D

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The instruction of smoke alarm devices

1. Shape and size

2.  Technical parameter

Working Voltage:9V DC(re-commanded battery:6F22,GP 1604S,GP 1604A,

                   PAIRDEER 6F22,OSEL 6LR61,PAIRDEER 6LR61,FORTE ER9V,

                   EVE CR-9V,ULTRALIFE ULVL-J,FANSO ER9V)

Current: Quiescent Current:≤12uA

Alarming Current: ≤ 20mA

Alarming Decibel:≥85dB/3m

HUSH Status:LED flashes every 10S

Standby status:LED flashes every 43S

Low battery status: special low battery beep around every 43S

LED Indicator:LED(Red)

Low voltage Alarming:≤7.35V

Working Temperature:-10℃~+40℃

Working Humidity:≤95%RH(no water gel)  

3. Test and before installation:

Note:If the battery is not installed correctly, the detector will not work and maybe destroyed.

If the detector operates smoothly, the Red LED will flash once in about 43S.

Take the product out of the packaging,take off the installation base from the product via rotating the product on the anti-clockwise direction.

Take out the 9V battery from battery compartment, remove the insulation film from the battery, connect the battery to battery buckle and put it back to battery compartment.

Depress(keep depressing and release till finish the testing) the test/hush button,the RED LED flashes quickly and in the meanwhile the detector sounds, which means the the detector works well. At the same time the product goes into low sensitivity detection mode, round 10 minutes later the product goes into standard sensitivity detection mode again.

4. Installation

(1) Choose a right place to install the smoke alarm.

The alarm may not be mounted In:

A) a room in which the temperature can reach below -10°C and above 40°C.

B) in damp spaces

C) just in front of doors or windows and not near a ventilator or radiator

D) Maintain a distance of at least 50 cm from fluorescent lights or low-energy bulb.

(2) Fix two plastic screw base into ceiling according to installation hole position of smoke alarm base

(3) Fix the installation base on ceiling via screws at pre-installed screw base.

(4) Make sure the battery is installed and well connected to the smoke alarm (you may use the test button function to check) and fasten the smoke alarm to pre-installed base via clockwise rotation.

(5) Use the test button again to make a final check.


5. Maintain and use

Test the smoke alarm weekly and after battery replacement.Test the alarm for normal operation using the test facility when the battery is replaced.

If the product does not work properly, please check the product according to Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting part as below.If the product still can not work please contact your local dealer and do not open the product by yourself.

6. Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

Failure phenomenon

Cause Analysis


No reaction from product when depress test button

9V battery may not installed properly

Installed the 9V battery with right Battery polarity

Low battery beep around every  43 S

Low voltage of 9V battery

Replace the battery

7.  Notice

(1) This product is not re-commanded to be installed in humidity,dusty, high temperature place like Kitchen or bathroom

(2) During the installation please make sure that there will be no other obstacle which may cover the flash light or alarm sound from the smoke alarm.

(3) Smoke alarm can not work if the battery is not connected to the right battery polarity, and the product may also be destroyed because of this.


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