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Advantages of fire detector

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Advantages of fire detector

Flame detectors are the most commonly used fire detection objects at present, and are suitable for fire detectors that respond to the characteristics of fire light, that is, detect the light intensity of flame burning and the frequency of flame flickering. Fire detectors are one of the most important means of preventing fires. Its role is to generate an alarm when a fire is caused by a large amount of smoke. The automatic fire alarm system is an automatic alarm system for fire accidents. It analyzes and develops early warning information of fire accidents by entering the detector. The fire detector adopts the detection method of active sampling, excellent dual light source detection technology, and the system software has complete functions.

Here is the content list:

l High-tech identification of fire detectors

l Easy to use fire detector

High-tech identification of fire detectors

The fire detector consists of the air pump, filter device, detection room, controller, LCD liquid crystal display, and other power circuits. Dust particles larger than 20 μm are collected and filtered, and then sent to the detection room for analysis. The forward transmission characteristic is used to capture the diffused light caused by the dense smoke particles in the gas sample and convert the photosensitive component into a differential signal. Utilize high-tech technology to diagnose smog concentrations in the natural environment. The fire detector then distinguishes the smoke concentration value and the preset alarm threshold according to the optimization algorithm of the smartphone software and generates four corresponding "warning information", "action", "fire 1" and "fire 2" class fire, the final output alarm system. Because the fire detector adopts excellent dual light source detection technology and excellent artificial intelligence technology, the fire detector has very high sensitivity and anti-random alarm ability.

Easy to use fire detector

The characteristics of fire detectors are that they are easy to install and operate, operate stably, are not affected by external influences such as cyclones, electromagnetic induction, and environmental pollution, and can reliably detect the harm caused by smoke in nature reserves to the environment. The fire detector can not only send out sound and light control data signals locally, but also sound in the fire safety monitoring system according to the way of a remote control connection to the network, or easily connect to the fire automatic alarm automatic control system. This method of unified management of system fire safety plays a key, convenient and quick role in dealing with hidden fire safety hazards promptly.

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