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Photoelectronic Mini 10y Fire Smart Smoke Alarm LM-109G

This is our most sale smoke detectors. It is used to detect smoldering smoke and
warn us to take proper measurement before a fire,it can increase the chance of escape by 50% , reduce the casualty rate and reduce losses from a fire.

Our product is with high sensitivity and stable function.Meanwhile it has local smoke alarm memory and hush function which can stop the false alarm immediately. They are all classic model and designed by big Test button for easy operation.
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  • LM-109G


  • 8531100000

Product Specifications:




















Technical parame- ters

Smoke detector


DC3V(built-in CP952434)

Low-voltage inspection





Working current

Quiescent current



Alarm loud- ness


Working temperature


Ambient humidity

≤95%RH(no condensation)











Status dis- play

Normal smoke detection

LED (red) flashes once about every 344 seconds, no alarm sound

Smoke detection or key test

LED (red) flashes and continuous alarm is given

Low sensitivity detection (silent mode)

LED (red) flashes about every 10 seconds, no alarm sound, automatically cancel low sensi- tivity detection about 9 minutes later



Alarm memory

LED (green) flashed 3 times about every 43 seconds, and stops 24 hours later. The first time you press test/mute button after alarm is made, the detector will hint by special alarm mode.



End of useful life


After working for 10 years, alarm sound is made, the buzzer buzzes 3 times about every 43 seconds


Low-voltage inspection

LED (red) flashes once, make “di” alarm sound about every 43 seconds


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