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Mini White 10y Fire Smart Smoke Alarm LM-109D

This is our most sale smoke detectors. It is used to detect smoldering smoke and
warn us to take proper measurement before a fire,it can increase the chance of escape by 50% , reduce the casualty rate and reduce losses from a fire.

Our product is with high sensitivity and stable function.Meanwhile it has local smoke alarm memory and hush function which can stop the false alarm immediately. They are all classic model and designed by big Test button for easy operation.
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  • LM-109D


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Product Specifications:




















Technical parame- ters

Smoke detector


DC3V(built-in CP952434)

Low-voltage inspection





Working current

Quiescent current



Alarm loud- ness


Working temperature


Ambient humidity

≤95%RH(no condensation)











Status dis- play

Normal smoke detection

LED (red) flashes once about every 344 seconds, no alarm sound

Smoke detection or key test

LED (red) flashes and continuous alarm is given

Low sensitivity detection (silent mode)

LED (red) flashes about every 10 seconds, no alarm sound, automatically cancel low sensi- tivity detection about 9 minutes later



Alarm memory

LED (green) flashed 3 times about every 43 seconds, and stops 24 hours later. The first time you press test/mute button after alarm is made, the detector will hint by special alarm mode.



End of useful life


After working for 10 years, alarm sound is made, the buzzer buzzes 3 times about every 43 seconds


Low-voltage inspection

LED (red) flashes once, make “di” alarm sound about every 43 seconds

 Appearance and dimensionFigure 1







• In areas where ventilation and/or air conditioning systems are used is must be ensured that air movement does not affect the function of the smoke detector.

• Smoke detectors must be permanently fixed on the ceiling. Mounting instructions must be observed.

• Choose a mounting method that ensures a holding force of at least 20N in vertical direction.

• The smoke detector is designed for monitoring residential buildings or residential premises (not for industrial or commercial usage).

• A function test must be performed on each smoke detector after installation.

• The functionality of each installed smoke detector must be regularly checked and maintenance measures must be ensured. Perform function test 1 per week, clean every 3 months.

• Smoke detectors must be taken out of service at the latest after 10 years and replaced with a new device.


Mounting locations

Mounting locations for smoke detectors:

• Bedrooms, childrens rooms and corridors must be equipped (basic requirement) with smoke detec- tors.

• Always on the ceiling.

• 50 cm from the wall (or beam).

• If the room is subdivided by ceiling-high furniture etc., a smoke detector must be installed in each room partition.

• In rooms with a floor area 60m2, divided into ceiling boxes by beams or joists, the following ap- plies:

o In ceiling boxes bigger > 36m2 a smoke detector must be installed per ceiling box (see Fig- ure 1a).

o In ceiling boxes 36m2 and with ceiling slopes 20°as well as beams or joists with a height

0.2m, the individual ceiling boxes are not taken into account (see Fig 1.b). Install smoke detectors as centrally as possible in the room, in a ceiling box or on the joist.

o In these rooms have beams or ceiling joists with a height >0,2m, the smoke detector must be installed on a beam or girder, as centrally as possible in the room (see Fig c).

• In rooms with a floor area of >60m2, an additional smoke detector must be installed per 60m2.


Planning examples

For apartments and single family homes

 Example for use in a single-family home


Arrangement in special room geometries

Following distance ratios and arrangements are recommended for detector positioning:


b) Rectangular corridor



Detector arrangement in large

d) Detector arrangement in large corridors with corners


Constructional features

• If a room is divided in height by a podium or a gallery, a smoke detector is required beneath these

installations if the area exceeds 16m2 and the length and width exceeds each 2m.

• In rooms with ceiling slopes > 20°to the horizontal, a heat pocket can form at the top of the ceiling which prevents smoke entry into the smoke detector.

• Therefore, smoke detectors in these rooms must be mounted at least 0,5m but no more than 1m from the ceiling top, see the following 2 illustrations.

• In rooms with a slope 20°smoke detectors must be mounted centrally on the ceiling.


Example of mounting with pedestal-shaped ceiling with a ceiling slope > 20°

Remarks: smoke detectors can be attached on the position left (1) or on the position right (2).


Notes for ceiling installation.

For ceiling with joists (height (h) of the joist 0.20m and an area of the ceiling box >36m2 or 36m2).

a) Example for ceiling >36m2



Example for ceiling box

c) Example of ceiling with joist (height (h) of the joist >0.2m)


In corridors with a maximum width of 3m, the distance between two smoke detectors may not exceed 15m. The detector distance to the front face of the corridor must not exceed 7.5m. A detector must be arranged  in crossings, junctions and corners (mitre line) of corridors. An example of an arrangement is shown in chap- ter Arrangement in special room geometries.



Loosen the mounting plate on the rear side of the device by turning it clockwise.

Fix the mounting plate with the help of the enclosed mounting material to the ceiling or wall. Check first whether the supplied mounting materials is suitable for the structural quality of the wall/ceiling.

Insert the smoke detector in the mounting bracket and rotate the smoke detector anti-clockwise direc- tion until it audibly engages.

Power off Power on



The battery pin is raised at beginning of use (left photo). Press battery pin to power on (right photo).


Test after the installation.

Press the test/hush button, if the red indicator light flashes quickly and continue alarms at the same time, it means the detector is working properly. At the same time, the detector enters low sensitivity detecting state, the red LED light flashes every 10 seconds approx. About 9 minutes later, it enters normal detecting state from low sensitivity detecting state automatically. Or press the test/mute button again and cancel low sensitivity detecting state.

Erratic or low sound coming from your alarm may indicate a defective alarm, you can refer to Trouble shootingsection for solution.


LED indicators

• RedLED-flashing once every 344 seconds: indicates that the smoke alarm device is operating proper- ly.

• Red LED-flashing: when the test button is pressed, or when the smoke alarm device sense particles of combustion and goes into alarm (constant pulsating sound), the red LED will flash once per second. The flashing LED and pulsating alarm will continue until the air is cleared or release test button.

• Red LED alarm silencer (Hush mode) indication: The red LED will flash once every 10 seconds, indi- cating the smoke alarm device is in the alarm silence (hush) mode.

• Low battery indication: An intermittent chirpwith red LED flashes once every 43 seconds: indicates that the smoke alarm device is low battery, you may press the test button longer time for pause alarm for 8 hours, but it will reset automatically after 8 hours.

• Fault indication: the alarm occurs every 43 seconds.

• Alarm memory: After alarm is made, the detector will have alarm memory. The green LED will flash quickly for 3 times every for 43 seconds. So the user can tell if the detector has entered alarm state from a distance without touching the detector. LED display will quit after 24 hours. The first time you press the test/mute button after alarm is made, the detector will hint by spe- cial alarm mode. After releasing the test/mute key, alarm memory will be reset. Then you press the test/mute button and it will be normal key test.


Alarm silence (hush mode)

During the unit is alarming, you push the test button, it will be paused the unit alarming for approx. 9 mi- nutes. The red LED will flash once every 10 seconds, it indicates the smoke alarm device is running into the silence mode.

Smoke alarms devices are conceived to minimize nuisance alarms.

The smoke alarm will automatically reset after approximately 9 minutes, if after this period, particles of combustion are still present, the alarm will sound again.

The alarm silencer (silence mode) can be repeatedly used until the air has been cleared of the conditioning causing the alarm.

Caution: Before using the alarm silence (hush), identify the source of the smoke and be certain a safe condi- tion exists.

Danger: If the alarm sounds, and it is not being tested, it means the unit is detecting smoke, THE SOUND OF THE ALARM REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION AND ACTION.


Fraud alarm/ false alarms

False alarms can be triggered by the following, for example:

Welding and cutting work, Soldering and other hot work, Sawing and sanding work,

Dust due to construction or cleaning, Water vapour, cooking vapours or odours, Extreme electromagnetic influences,

Temperature fluctuations, which lead to the condensation of the humidity in the smoke detector.


In the event of works in the environment of the installed smoke detector which trigger false alarms (e.g. renovation), the detector should be temporarily covered or removed. After completion of the work, the origi- nal functionality of the installed smoke detector must be restored as described in previous sections.

Should the system report an alarm, please check whether the fire really exists. If so, call the fire brigade.

If not, please check whether the mentioned reasons could have raised the alarm. We would like to point out that we are not liable for the consequences of false alarms. We do not cover any costs incurred by false alarms, such as for deployment of police, fire or key services.



This includes at least a check of whether the smoke penetration openings are free (e.g. covers, pollution

caused by fluff and dust), whether there is function-related damage to the smoke detector and whether the area of 0.5m around the smoke detector is free of obstacles (such as furniture), which inhibit the penetra- tion of fire smoke into the smoke detector. If contamination is detected in the smoke penetration openings, there should be cleaned according to manufacturer instructions. If there is function-related damage to the smoke detector, it must be replaced. If the installed smoke detector does not have the required clearance around it, the mounting location must be inspected and a new location determined if necessary.


WEE-reference of disposal

In accordance with European defaults used electrical and electronics devices may no more be given to the unsorted waste. The symbol of the waste bin on wheels refers to the necessity of separate collection. Please help with environmental protection and see to it that this device is given to the for this purpose designated systems of waste sorting if you do not use it any longer.

Trouble shooting






Smoke alarm does not sound when tested

Must activate alarm before installation


Remove battery pin to ON

Clean smoke alarm.

Refer to Maintenance

If there are still failures af- ter above actions


Return to your retailer

Alarm about every 43S

Battery low voltage

Replace the smoke alarm.


Unwanted alarms intermit- tently


Press test button to pause alarm. Clean smoke alarm

Refer to Maintenance. Move smoke alarm to new location and press test button.


Alarm sounds different from normal use

Clean smoke alarm

Refer to Maintenance

If there are still failures af- ter above actions


Return to your retailer


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