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How to buy a carbon monoxide detector

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How to buy a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are the instrument of choice for accurate measurement and leak alarms and are widely used due to their fast detection, high resolution, and non-destructive implementation. However, there are a variety of such instruments on the market and careful consideration should be given when purchasing one. There are many brands of carbon monoxide detectors, both domestic and imported, most of which are domestically produced. So, how do you choose the best model for you among the many brands and specifications of carbon monoxide detectors?

The following is a list of contents:

·Range of applications

·Detection sensitivity

·Pay attention to the life of the sensor


·Confirming the type and concentration range of the gas being detected

Range of applications

If you choose to use it at home, then choose electrochemically or semiconductor depending on how demanding the carbon monoxide detector is, it is generally recommended to choose an electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm. Also when buying, it is recommended not to buy carbon monoxide detectors with many gaps on the surface, especially those with several gaps of more than one millimeter, as large surface gaps make it easy for dust and small insects to enter the detector, and a large amount of dust or small insects can block the air inlet of the carbon monoxide sensor, affecting the accuracy of the carbon monoxide detector.

Detection sensitivity

How can the average user check if a carbon monoxide detector is sensitive when they do not have the key equipment? You can place the carbon monoxide detector at the exhaust port of a car with emissions below Euro II and see if it alarms, as cars with emissions below Euro II often have excess carbon monoxide gas in their exhaust.

Pay attention to the life of the sensor

Generally, carbon monoxide detectors use electrochemical gas sensors. The life of an electrochemical sensor depends on how dry the electrolyte is, so if it is not used for a long period, it can be sealed in a lower temperature environment to prolong its life. Stationary instruments also have a longer sensor life due to their relatively large size.

Pay attention to interference detection between sensors

In general, each gas detector has a sensor corresponding to a specific detection gas, so when selecting a carbon monoxide detector, attention should be paid to the detection of interference with the sensor from other gases wherever possible.


(1) Performance is undoubtedly a very important indicator when evaluating a CO detector, a high-performance CO detector will detect CO concentrations quickly.

(2) Some carbon monoxide detectors are very slow or even unstable. The sensitivity is not high enough to accurately determine the concentration of carbon monoxide.

Confirming the type and concentration range of the gas being detected

The type of gas encountered is different for each production department. It is important to consider all possible scenarios when selecting a carbon monoxide detector. If methane and other less toxic alkanes are predominant, then an LEL detector is the appropriate choice. This is not only because the LEL detector is simple in principle and widely used, but also because it is easy to maintain and calibrate. Where toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide are present, a specific carbon monoxide detector should be preferred to ensure worker safety.

Whichever type of carbon monoxide detector is available, Ningbo Jindun can provide it. Please feel free to visit Ningbo Jindun's official website to view and purchase, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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