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Battery White Home Wireless Water Alarm

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  • KD-112

  • 8531100000

The Instruction of Water Alarm KD-112 

Your wise choice of using water alarm KD-112 is greatly appreciated. Please read the operation instruction before using it, and keep the instruction well after reading. 

1. Summary: 

The water alarm is an automatic humidity detector which is for household appliances. It uses 9V battery as its power supply to increase the safety performance. The alarm consists of sensor, signal processing identification circuit and alarm circuit. It uses water’s conductivity as its alarm signal source. If the humidity reaches a certain value, the detected signal will be transmitted to internal circuit by the probes. The internal circuit generates micro-current which will generate alarm signal after being amplified, accordingly the purpose of alarming is achieved. Put it where water may seep, such as at home or in the restaurant, hotel, kitchen, bathroom and so on. The product KD-112 has a special design, modern and fashion, small and artistic, and is of convenience to use. 

2. Technical Parameter:

Power Source: DC 9V 

battery Temperature: +1℃~+60℃ 

Quiescent current: 5~10uA 

Response time: ≤7 seconds 

Rated current: ≤ 16mA 

Alarm decibel: ≥85db/3m 

Size: 82x33mm 

3. Operation: 

A) Remove the upper cover and insert 9V battery. B) All the three metal probes of the water alarm come into contact with water or damp towel for 4~8 seconds, it will give an alarm. C) Put it where water may seep after test operation. 

4. Points for attention: 

A) Do use special fittings to its possible repair in order to avoid heavy losses. B) Let the professional repair it. C) Please replace the battery when the battery reaches the end of its normal life. (It will give an alarm if the battery is loss of energy.) D) Keep water alarm and packing materials out of reach of the children. 


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